Buy Relactagel

Relactagel is a Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment. The lactic acid gel that is clinically proven to treat and prevent Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). Giving relief from abnormal vaginal odour and discharge associated with BV. 

  • Relactagel provides relief from embarrassing vaginal odour.
  • Relieves abnormal discharge.
  • Restores the natural pH of the vagina.
  • Can be used to prevent BV as well as treating it.
  • Hygienic single use applicators are used to apply the gel where it is needed.

I tried other rebalancing ‘gels’ and they do not work as well as this one. I only use a tub every few days in my worst days.

Margherita, UK

This is a fantastic product. The box contains a 7 day treatment. VERY effective to treat infections. Order arrived on time and in perfect conditions. I would recommend this to every woman.

Sara, UK